01.13.13 The Owl and the Pussycat

There are a handful of children’s books I remember loving as a kid, most of which featured highly detailed, colorful and ornate illustrations. Which are still my jam. Anything drawn by Trina Schart Hyman (go ahead…chuckle immaturely…it’s almost too good to be true), Jan Brett or Edmund Dulac and you could consider me sold. Jan Brett’s The Owl and the Pussycat especially stands out in my memory because not only is it gorgeous, but look at that pussycat’s fucking outfit. DOPE. I’d wear that. I’m probably wearing that right now.  Actually, I think the illustrations in this book embody everything I love:

A) The tropics.

B) Flowers.

C) Lots o’ Color.

D) A boat full of fruit.


F) Inter-species marriage.

Jan Brett’s illustrations are so beautiful I am even willing to overlook certain inaccuracies in both the story and her artistic interpretations. Cat that walks exclusively on its hind legs: what. Owl to cat size ratio: huge owl or tiny cat? Fruitarian owl and cat: I guess a boat full of dead mice would be less appealing. Then again, children’s books are for, well, children…who are notoriously less cognizant, so I can further forgive the unabashed use of artistic license.  And that’s why Jan Brett deserves this month’s “Oh Hell Yes, Artist of the Month” award. Which I will be nominating for this month and this month only. Way to go Jan Brett.