08.21.14 Becoming Your Mother

My mom turns 60 today, and I wanted to take the time to write down what the 29-years she has spent with me have meant in shaping who I am. Many women reach a point in their lives when they realized that they've become their mothers. For me, that moment comes with a joy and thankfulness of having someone so talented, fearless and remarkable to emulate. Just some of what I've learned from her...

Travel the world while you're young.

Believe that everything can be art, and anything can be transformed into something extraordinary with creativity and imagination.

Be mindful of what you can offer to the world. Don't give up trying to make something that matters.

Be compassionate to all living things.

Learn new instruments. Make up your own music.

Be able to grow things, catch things, and cook and eat those things.

Don't worry so much about what other people think. And always buy your clothes secondhand.

Don't follow recipes. Trust that you can make anything taste good with a few magic ingredients.

Go to bed early. Wake up early.

Make your own cards. And always send thank you cards.

Stand up for what you believe in and for people weaker than you.

Take home improvements into your own hands.

Have an eye for color.

Don't become too attached to money or material possessions. And value people over both.

...and so much more. Thanks, Mom and Happy Birthday!!!